• Meet the Judges

    Learn More About Our Expert Panel

    Each judge for the Terra Watt Prize is a qualified expert who understands the technical and business challenges of the competition. Our judges are listed here in alphabetical order. Please take a moment to click on the photos below and learn more about their credentials and experience.

    Evaluation Panel and Selection Committee

    The judges’ panel is divided into two groups. The Evaluation Panel will score and comment on each application during the first phase of the review process. Based on their scores, the top five finalists will be presented to the Selection Committee for a second round of review. From those finalists, two winners will be invited to enter into a $125,000 grant agreement with the National Geographic Society.

  • David Arfin
  • Kaveh Azimi
  • Leo Blyth
  • Titus Brenninkmeijer
  • Tony Carr
  • Brian Cayce
  • Alakesh Chetia
  • Benjamin Cook
  • Jeffery Dickinson
  • Valérian Fauvel
  • Alan Feldbaum
  • John Francis
  • Terry Garcia
  • Peter George
  • Miguel Granier
  • Chris Greacen
  • Justin Guay
  • Richard Hansen
  • Sandhya Hegde
  • Dr. Peter W. Heller
  • Ted Hesser
  • Betty Hudson
  • Chris Johns
  • John Kohler
  • Jon Kornik
  • Steven Lee
  • Thomas Light
  • Tom Lovejoy
  • David Lyle
  • Amy Maniatis
  • Colin McCormick
  • Jeffrey McDaniel
  • Sean Moore
  • Ellen Morris, Ph.D.
  • Bikash Pandey
  • Amie Patel
  • Aniruddha Patil
  • Crispin Pemberton-Pigott
  • Nancy Pfund
  • Teddy Roux
  • Christian Schattenmann
  • Peter Scheuch
  • Jigar Shah
  • Lili Stiefel
  • Lynn Tabernacki
  • Kunal Upadhyay
  • Nitin Vaish
  • Richenda Van Leeuwen
  • EN Venkat